The world has evolved with time to an extent that our dependency and priorities have changed a lot in recent times. The present world is a world that is highly dependent on technology. To be more specific in the last 7-8 years people have shifted to smartphones from traditional multimedia phones. Thus mobile applications or apps have become a common feature assisting our lives. At present time there are thousands of apps available on app store for users to use for different purpose.

There is an app for nearly everything that can possibly require assistance like calculating your health, for news, socializing, picture, notes, etc. We ourselves use multiple apps for different purpose. From morning to night we use around 6-7 apps on daily basis for different purpose and we are dependent on them to an extent that we can’t think our life without them. One common example is WhatsApp that has become a very essential part of our life and we have shifted from traditional emails to Whatsapp messages.

But there are still many things for which we don’t have an app and there is general consensus arising that there should exist an app for such purposes as well even if they sound a bit ridiculous or unnecessary. Here are ten such apps that don’t exist and are need to be made in times to come.

Here are 10 new mobile app ideas that don’t exist but should:

1. There should be an app that records minute details of the day

Don’t you need an app that records every detail of the day you spend from your perspective? An app that tells you everything at the end of the day that you did and how you did. This app may be much more useful for professionals who have a hectic schedule and sometimes fail to keep a track on their daily workings. This app also may be very helpful for each of us to go back to a particular day and know what we did exactly on that day. With the rise of artificial intelligence we are not far from that day when we will have an app that records everything in detail from the people you met, what you ate, who said what to you, what did you said, where you went, etc. Such an app is the future and will be extremely helpful for us in times to come.

2. There should be an app that records progress in you on daily basis

It’s hard for us to analyze what progress we have made in our lives. To grow and succeed it is important for us to analyze ourselves well and do self-introspection. For this an app must be there which records details of what we have learnt and what progress we have made on daily basis. To be more specific, this app is again very useful for professionals who are quite ambitious in their lives and want to use each and every moment to utilize. Such app is certainly very useful.

3. There should be an app that calculates the mistake you do and the progress you have made

It is very common saying that it is very hard for us to accept our mistakes. In a diplomatic world people often avoid telling you your mistakes on your face but if you are very serious in recognizing your mistakes and correcting it then an app must be there that points out the mistakes you do and gives suggestions of what you could have done at that point. Based on AI, this app can also give a long detailed progress report on such issues. Like if you have a bad habit then in one month how much progress you have made in correcting your bad habit.

4. There should be an app that plays music on your phone according to your mood

Sometimes you run out of songs that you want to play based on your mood. You run out of songs which you want to listen of a particular type. Based on AI, an app can be made that suggests you song based on your mood and situation. Like when you are doing work out you get to listen a particular type of music and when you are going for sleep you listen particular songs. There can also be algorithm that suggests songs based on your personality and character to fit in your requirements.

5. There should be an app that perfectly chooses dress for you based on your personality and need

Most of us have struggled to find a perfect matching of cloths in a particular price range based on our looks, demeanor and personality. What could be better than having an app that analyzes our personality and recommends dress that fits us. Based on our requirements and inputs in can also suggest dresses. Like if one is going to beach what kind of dress he or she needs to wear based on his/her body type. Many people struggle in this and often mess things that look quite inappropriate.

6. There should be an app that helps you know about the whereabouts of people you see around

 You are in a party and have found an extremely beautiful lady but you don’t know a bit about her. An app that gives you a summary about her, her name, her personality, likes, dislikes, etc. could be the one which many of us have felt at times. Some stranger faces we get fond of or someone who fakes in front of us. This app can be quite useful when we are at a strange place and really want to know about people around us. Like knowing the whereabouts of our cab driver, service provider, made, employee we are hiring, etc. An App that has much use.

7. There should be an app that tells us what others are doing at this time

Though such apps may be a cause of privacy infringement but yet there should be an app that tells us what others are doing at this time. Like, as a parent you want to know what your children are doing in school, with friends or at a particular place. It can also be useful for companies where they can know what their employees are doing in the absence of the boss. We often miss our loved ones and want to know what they would be doing. Such apps are bliss in such cases.

8. There should be an app that lets you know what others are thinking about you

The world has suffered the tyranny of what others may be thinking about us. This stands true to this day as well. Many of us want to know what others are thinking about us. Well there is no such machines that can find out what one things but there can surely be an app that analyzes a person through his expressions and movements to give a report of what someone might be thinking about us. This can be very helpful in relationships where many a times we fail to understand others who may sometimes use us and leave us to our rescue.

9. There should be an App that scans people around you to give best suggestions with whom you can be friends

Sometimes we struggle to find friends who are of our types. We often analyze people and reject them by assuming that they are not of our type. Thus as an app that scans people around you maybe in your office, school, college, or any other place and give you suggestions to befriend them. With the rise of artificial intelligence there is much scope for such apps in future that will help you in finding people who can fit in your circle. Though there many apps giving you platform to make friends but none of them are there who can give you real-time suggestions by analyzing someone’s character and personality from a neutral or your point of view.

10. There should be an app that plans, schedules, and executes your daily happenings

There’s a personal assistant for that but not many of us can afford a personal assistant. Thus an app that plans your day, schedules everything and then helps you in executing it would be a good and useful utility. Like if you want to travel from Delhi to New York then have a meeting for a day, spend a night there and then have another meeting in London, an app that plans your schedule, books tickets, hotels, cabs for that particular time and then give real-time assistance would be somewhat a big invention. Many of us struggle to plan and execute such schedules making it difficult for us. Thus an app would be appropriate to do such jobs for us.

These ten apps are the ones that are not only desired by many of us but are also very useful in our daily lives. Such apps will also have some ill effects like knowing too much about ourselves, infringing ones privacy and having surveillance on common people. Such things should be better discussed and then brought into action. Well only time will tell out of these ten how many apps can have a future in the next few years. Given the rise of artificial intelligence there are many apps that can have a future in times to come.

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