Do you want to start a business but keep on delaying due to the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Do you think, starting a business in this period would not be profitable for you?

It is a wrong belief! 

Many people are nowadays in search of essential and additional services. It includes grocery shopping, medicine delivery, meal delivery, and so on. 

Can you guess something?

You can create a profitable business model by providing such services. 

Are you curious enough? Follow the ten business ideas below and opt for the most suitable one for you. 

10 Powerful Business Ideas During The Coronavirus Pandemic are:-

#1. Start A Cleaning Service:

Coronavirus pandemic has increased the demand for sanitization. Many people have already started searching for professional cleaning services. 

Can you guess something? 

Starting a professional cleaning service can be a great idea in this situation. 

First, Contact professional cleaners and create a team. 

Then, start a website by explaining the service, cost, and other information.

However, you must run the business for both residential and commercial spaces. For instance, customers can book your service for their houses, restaurants, or office spaces. 

Soon, you will see a sky-high demand for your service. Does it sound interesting to you?

Yes! It is both intriguing and profitable. You just need to ensure a quality service. 

#2. Medical Van Booking:

Another business idea, which is both profitable and essential is medical van booking. You can take initiative and streamline the lives of people during the COVID-19 phase. 

Take some expert’s opinions to materialize the plan.

Create an application (both Android- and iOS-based). 

You need to contact medical van drivers and ensure the necessary facilities inside the van. 

Online medical van booking app will remain an in-demand service in the future as well. 

#3. Online Tutoring App:

Many students are looking for expert online study guide in the prevailing situation. You can help them by starting an online education app. 

Moreover, it can also be a rather successful endeavor. Keep as much information as possible in the app to support students. Do not forget to add a “question-answer” segment to clear their doubts. 

It is better if you can create a team online consisting of subject matter experts. Make a high-quality platform and you will see a surge of traffic in your app. 

#4. Grocery Delivery App:

Many people do not want to go outside for grocery purchases in today’s situation. So, a grocery delivery app can set a golden opportunity for you. 

More and more people are nowadays switching to online grocery app. And the number has risen exponentially in the COVID-19 phase. 

Do not forget to add all the necessary and day-to-day items. Ensure timely delivery every time. Appoint some sincere delivery professionals to take your business at the new height. 

#5. On-Demand Nurse/Caretakers:

Many families have senior members or ailing patients, who need specialized care. You can create a platform and enable people to avail of on-demand services. It will keep working as a profitable idea in the future as well. 

However, make your website or app easy-to-handle and simple-to-navigate. Contact some experienced nurses and caretakers and form a team. Decide beforehand which area you will be covering. 

#6. Medicine Delivery App:

Medicine delivery undoubtedly becomes a high-demanding business idea nowadays. Many senior citizens live alone in their houses or apartments. 

So, the need for medicine can rise anytime. A medicine delivery app can be a lifesaver in this situation.

Create a simple app and fix the area that you will cover. Form a team with some delivery executives with the knowledge of the local area. 

Online medicine delivery is constantly on the rise. So, if you have the interest, you can grab this opportunity. 

#7. Game Development & Selling:

Are you a game developer? Do you want to start a profitable business while entertaining people? Then, you can start developing apps and selling them on different platforms. 

Today, people are in search of entertainment to keep their mind calm. So, they are playing online games and puzzles. So, you can also utilize your skills and start a successful business journey. 

#8. Fitness App:

Many people have become health conscious to boost their immunity. So, you can contribute here by starting a fitness app. Add fitness tips, exercise, diet plans that will prove to be useful for them. 

You can also arrange online interviews with fitness experts. Thus, you can ensure the business growth. Keep the quality of your app high and you will see it become popular in no time. 

#9. Pickup & Delivery App:

You can also start a pickup & delivery app. Opt for a niche and create a user-friendly app. People nowadays vastly rely on such services. 

Form a team of delivery partners. They will collect items from the customer’s doorsteps and deliver them at specified destinations. Prompt delivery and reasonable fees will help to grow your service. 

#10. Meal Preparation & Delivery Service:

The popularity of online meal delivery is on an exponential rise. You can grab this opportunity and start an online meal preparation and delivery service. Always take care of the quality and hygiene of your recipes. 

Create an app with customizable options. Thus, people can find their preferred options and customize, as per their diet. You can also include recipes of various regions to cater to the needs of more people. 

Wrapping Up

Now, you have ten business ideas on your hand. Do not let this period on idle chitchats and gossiping. Rather opt for a niche from the above ideas and make some business strategies. Thus, you can generate an additional source of income or a full-time earning means. 

So, which of the above ideas is your cup of tea?

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