Have you ever heard any normal person to say no to food? Food is a necessary item for existence. You may get bored of everything, but you will need food no matter where you are. So, how can you make profit from this situation? The best thing to do is to invest in food processing business. In this article I have crafted 10 best food processing business ideas with low and medium investment.

When you are planning to invest in the food processing industry, it is natural that being a layman, you would need a lot of help. Good guidance can make you run any business.

With this in mind, take heed of the following food processing and manufacturing businesses that you can invest in for a profitable return. The list will include:

1. Bakery

If you ask anyone for ideas on food processing business, the only reply will be to invest in a bakery. This is perhaps the most profitable of the lot. Bakery business is the largest industry in the food processing sector. Just open your bakery in a place you own or rent it and you are good to go. Success though, will depend on your production quality and varieties. You can pave a long way, if you adopt a good a marketing strategy and employ an USP on your products.

2. Chocolate making

Is there anyone who doesn’t like chocolates? One of the fastest growing food processing businesses, chocolate manufacturers also enjoys a high profit. The quality and the pricing depend on the cocoa you are using and how much of that cocoa you are using. Chocolate manufacturing also gives you the power to choose the ingredients that affects the pricing of the final product, letting you to have a healthy profit margin.

3. Brewery

This is a newly developing industry in developing countries, and how well it is flourishing. The West had nurtured the concept of a brewery for centuries now; Other countries are making its way. Though opening a brewery or brewpub demands knowledge on microbreweries, you can always hire an expert to judge the beers that are produced. Moreover, apart from just packaging the beers and supplying them in the market, you can start you own pub attached to the brewery.

4. Cereals milling

Cereals is most important staple food. No course of meal is complete without a big bowl of cereals. It is rich in protein and other nutrients, and hence it is recommended for every diet. So, it is natural that by investing in cereals milling you are in for a business that can never go in a wrong direction. cereals milling is actually the processing of different pulses. There are generally two types of conventional processing methods, known as wet milling and dry milling.

5. Honey processing

Known as liquid gold, honey can be a great idea for starting a food processing business. The high cost of honey can also make your business a real profitable one. Honey processing includes the removal of wax and other unwanted materials to obtain the pure form of honey. The benefit of having a honey processing business is that you don’t need a large factory or unit; it can be dealt in a small space or even in your home.

6. Jam & Jelly production

It may sound small scale but remember that your investment amount reduces drastically as well. You can start this business with practically nothing yet gain major sum of money in profit. You don’t need any establishment cost or any huge raw material cost to start your jam & jelly production business.

7. Coconut oil

India is a hub of coconut and its oil. Across several Indian states, coconut oil is used for cooking, skin healing and as hair oil. So you can be assured that your produced oils will not go waste. Now, with people getting more acquainted with the benefits of the oil, coconut oil is in more demand than ever.

8. Cottage Cheese and Sweets

Indians love their sweets, whether it’s the rasgulla of Bengal or peda of Banaras. Sweets are Indian’s heart and soul. A cottage cheese processing business will not only allow you to open a sweet making business, but also allow you to sell that cottage cheese as paneer. It’s a win-win situation.

9. Sauce production

Processing of various kinds of sauces can also be a good idea for your food processing business. The good thing about sauces is that it is required by restaurants as well as households. So demand for this product occupies a large demographic.

10. Potato chips

Again one of the easiest food processing businesses you can start. The establishment cost is literally nothing, you will need a pan, some oil and potatoes and you can start the manufacturing.

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