Recent records say that New Zealand is one among the top five countries which are famous for doing business. This record is just more than enough for anybody to pass through the first dilemma of choosing the country or not. Next comes the availability of basic necessities to run a business. New Zealand has a very rich plan of transportation and operations management of your business becomes easier with this. Five cities with good business opportunity in New Zealand are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga.

A number of island links have also been constructed enabling you to carry out your business without any geographical limitation. Also, for entrepreneurs like you all the start time of the business should be less and New Zealand provides it having there days as the time to start a new business.

Here are 10 profitable and best business ideas that you can start in New Zealand

Tourism business

An important revenue generating source of any country is the tourism businesses of the country. New Zealand is no way different from the mentioned. A number of places in New Zealand have been listed in the categories of best places to visit in the world.

World travellers will definitely visit the country at least once in their lifetime. And now, it is your time to play in the ground. Collect all possible information about the business and start like a jet. Because, the business is never a failure. All you have to do is look for workers, plan for investment, know the basics of tourism industry and get into it.

Honey bee farming business

New Zealand is a country which is very famous for the nutritive honey available there. You can use the opportunity by involving yourself into the stream. So basically, you are an owner of a business for which there is unimaginable demand from the neighbour countries too. In this, you really don’t have to stress yourself expanding your business by collecting honey from all the sources.

According to my research, a tree called Manuka should be your first choice. The flowers produced by these trees is where the bees forage honey. The honey becomes exclusive due to the fact that the tree grows only in New Zealand. The consumption rate of honey has been tremendously increasing resulting in the progress of export growth too. With this, you can definitely step into the business. This is very profitable business opportunity for those who are looking to start business in NZ with low investment.

Sheep farming

This is one of the industries in New Zealand which has given enormous revenue to all the owners since the start. As we all know, New Zealand is famous for sheep. Having a sheep farm is undoubtedly a great idea as the business has a number of opportunities bound in itself.

The resource being the sheep is fortunately adaptable the country’s climate and other conditions for growth and survival. Thus, there wouldn’t be any problem with the maintenance of the same.

The main purpose of choosing the business is the range of products that comes out of sheep. You can either choose to send the materials alone for production or be a master by producing it by yourself. Some of the possible sources of revenue are,

  • Meat
  • Wool
  • Lanolin
  • Skin
  • Dairy products

Yacht design

Yacht building or designing is one unique business which has high demand in New Zealand. The business has recently started to hike up due to the improvement of the related fields. Also, the need and popularity of luxury travel in yachts have brought the business into the scene.

The business holds in a huge investment, but a complementing income can be witnessed if done in the best way. There is no big requirement to be a part of the business as a worker, but to be a qualified designer you will need New Zealand Certificates in Boat Building, Marine Systems, Marine Coating etc. All these certifications have to be done till level 4.

Educational consultancy

Needless to explain, you will know the demand and value of education. Especially, in this generation there is a necessity to seek higher education in reputed universities internationally. I would say, the level of competition and the job requirements are the two major influencers of higher education in other countries.

To assess on the survival of the business, education has a long-lasting nature. It keeps multiplying as generations pass and also the value of it is showing a tremendous growth. Coming to education in New Zealand, there is a well-spoken brand for education here.

People from other countries have New Zealand in their list due to the favourable cost of living. You can attract potential students by being an educational consultant. The fee you charge will be the source of income and this is not limited. You can also offer them additional services like finding them proper accommodation, getting them all necessary documents to live there during the period of study, getting them part-time jobs etc. These additional services can be done for a reasonable sum of money.

Wine making business

Of the most sold products in the New Zealand, wine stands in the top five. This is mainly because of the healthy content in it and the practices of the people in New Zealand to consume wine on all days. Wine is a part of their meal and this shows how much of demand wine has in New Zealand.

Also, other countries crave for New Zealand’s wine. This scenario clearly shows the wine industries contribution in export of the country. Going to the profits, reports say that people readily accept price changes without hesitation. Increase in prices of the wine have never brought the sales down.

This is exactly what an entrepreneur needs and the business is perfectly a profitable one. You can start the business in the Marlborough region where businessmen have been producing wine for a very long time. The business is reported to be double the income in 10 years of start. This is quite a huge number and it is time for you to plan for the business without any further dilemma.

A child care centre

This is a business for people who wish to change their passion about business. Some people are born with the nature of taking care of people without hesitation. If you are a person of such a characteristic, then this business is for you. The reason for mentioning kindness is, children involved in the business.

A person who is just money motive cannot be a successful day care owner. So, after possessing this basic requirement, get through the business. It is easy to develop the business in few days with appropriate marketing strategies.

To check why a child care business in New Zealand, the employment rate can be studied. Almost 75% of the women in the country are working which brings a need for a child care centre.

Processed food

Having a processed food company is highly influenced by the eating habits of the native residents of the country. It is simply a trash if the business is run in a place where the need or demand for processed food is less or doesn’t exist. But, New Zealand provides you an opportunity.

There is an unimaginable consumption rate of these processed foods in New Zealand. People are used to eating these types of food due to busy work schedule and the taste of the processed food. Thus, you can thrive into the business by owning a processed food business. Supplies can be made even to restaurants since they too use processed meat for their every day activities.

Taxi services

This business can be chosen by considering the increase in petrol prices. The increased fuel prices in New Zealand have made people shift from private transport to shared rides. Also, the country has quite less facilities for public transport. All these together influence the need for a taxi business in New Zealand.

The business can be operated by developing applications to book the service. This is a prevailing technique used by taxi service companies like Uber and Ola. I would recommend you this business due to the high frequency of taxi booking every minute.

Wood processing

New Zealand is known for its widespread forests. The variety of trees available there provides huge opportunities in the wood industry. You can start a wood processing business by providing varieties of woods to your customers. From the records it is found that there are 1.8 million hectares of forest plantations available in New Zealand.

Also, the plantation is said to have a sustainable tree production which is the main reason for starting the business in this country. The target markets of the business would be Japan and Unites States of America. These two countries purchase the maximum of processed wood from New Zealand in various forms. Some of them are,

  • Round wood
  • Engineered wood
  • Mouldings
  • Lumber grades
  • Veneers
  • Overlays


Having said all these, it is now your turn to tell yourself what you exactly want and what kind of business is best matched for you. More than the investment needed, your ability to run the business is to be considered before you step in.

Investments can be supported by the New Zealand government itself. Concluding, any business chosen should be carried out in such a way that it meets the goal or purpose of its creation.

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